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Reading the packaging you may well believe that store bought flour has the same nutrient amount as freshly ground flour. However, this belief couldn’t be further from the truth. Flour that has been freshly milled contains a more substantial amount of nutrients than store-bought, packaged whole grain flour. Time, environmental exposure, and industrialized milling processes remove nutrients from the grains. Also, freshly ground flour is not only more beneficial but actually tastes better than its store-bought counterpart.

When the sealed husk of a grain is broken the previously protected parts are exposed to heat, air, humidity, and light. Some of the nutrients found in the grains are extremely sensitive to the outside environment and deteriorate at rapid rates after exposure. B vitamins found in grains are extremely sensitive to light and air. After milling, these vitamins deteriorate exponentially. The lipids, or healthy fats, in whole grains deteriorate because of interaction with enzymes in the bran, germ, and microorganisms. Lipid deterioration causes losses of carotenoid (antioxidants) and vitamin E. Time is an important factor to consider when consuming whole grain flour. Flour that has been freshly milled at home contains more nutrients than industrially milled flour sitting on store shelves.

In order to create the commonly consumed white flour or bread, modern milling methods remove parts of the grain that contain most of the vital nutrients: the bran, germ, and germ oil, leaving the white endosperm. After, this white flour is then enriched with vitamins and minerals.to meet nutritional standards. It’s very simple. Fresh whole foods taste better and flour is not excluded. You will notice a difference in taste between foods made from freshly ground flour and its store bought equivalent. Fresh, whole grain flour contains the germ of the grain. All the oil is located in the germ, which adds a sweeter flavor to your baked goods. Nutrimill Grain Mills make it easy to provide your family with the best flour nutrition available. They are great with all dry grains (wheat, spelt, rye, barley), as well as with gluten free grains, peas, beans and lentils ( including rice, quinoa, oat groats, black beans, green and yellow split peas, chickpeas, red lentils and more). 


  1. The Nutrimill Plus

    The NutriMill Plus is the newest member of the NutriMill Grain Mill family. Allows you to grind your non oily grains into fresh, nutritious flour. This high speed grain mill has a collapsible hopper that allows for compact storage. The patent pending 4-stage filtration system makes for a cleaner, safer milling experience. Stainless steel micro-impact milling heads are designed for advanced strength and performance.  Re-engineered muffling for a quieter milling experience. Four-Stage Filtration System: Patent pending air-flow design for cleaner milling. Compact Design has a unique collapsible hopper that  nests inside the flour canister for convenient transport and storage. Features: 2-Speed Motor, 1200 watts, 16-cup Hopper Capacity, 24-cup Bowl Capacity, Patent-pending 4-Stage Filtration System, Patent-pending sound engineering is 15% quieter than the NutriMill Classic. Includes Flour Bagger Accessory. Designed & assembled in the USA.  Limited Lifetime Warranty on Milling Heads. 7-Year Warranty on Parts and Plastics.

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  2. The Classic Nutrimill

    The NutriMill Classic uses a high-speed impact chamber to create flour from grains and beans. It allows you to grind up to 20 cups of flour at one time with no gumming, overheating, or jamming. NutriMill is versatile, convenient, powerful and fast.  Advanced technology includes: Improved texture control, stronger milling heads, unique Force Flow sound/air chamber design, improved motor cooling, and longer life. Each machine has: 20 cup bowl capacity, Stainless steel Microburst™ milling heads w/pre-cracker,  is self cleaning,and mills 20 cups in 5 minutes. INCLUDES: Grain Hopper Extension to increase capacity, Air Filter and  Separator Cup. Warranty on Motor/Milling Heads - Limited Lifetime: Electronics - Limited Lifetime: Parts & Plastic - 10 Year.

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  3. Harvest Grain Mill

    The NutriMill Harvest combines fine engineering, superior craftsmanship and a classic design to provide you with fresh, nutritious whole grain flour. The versatility of this mill allows you to grind as fine as pastry flour to cracked grains for cereal. Available in multiple colors, the Harvest Grain Mill's small footprint makes it the ideal grinder to have on your countertop. With Single Switch Operation (Mill only as much as you need), Corundum GrainmasterTM Millstones (Stone Milling Heads), Advance CushionflexTM stone suspension, renewable eco-friendly Bamboo housing and SimplockTM Hopper Removal (Locking lid) the Harvest Garin Mill grinds all non-oily grains and legumes. Patent-Pending :Easy-AdjustTM Texture Control knob (Allows you to grind from pastry fine flour to cracked): 450 watts with thermal protection: Adjustable knob for easy fine to coarse adjustment : Assembled in USA 5 Year Warranty.

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  4. Mini Seed Mill

    Need to grind oily seeds, legumes, coffee beans, and spices that cannot be milled with the NutriMill Classic. Small but strong, the Mini Seed Mill features a 150-watt motor, a pulse button, and safety lid for viewable grinding. Create your own fresh spices and seasonings adding a special touch to any dish.

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