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Nesco/American Harvest have been producing quality kitchen products in Wisconsin since the early 1930's. Kitchen HELP is thrilled to offer some of the most popular Nesco products in Canada. Featuring an assortment of dehydrators, the Jet Stream Oven and vacuum bag sealers.


There are lots of great reasons to dehydrate! Here are just a few.

  1. Dehydrated food tastes great. By removing water from the food the result is a concentrated taste that can be even better than the original.
  2. Preservative and Chemical free. The only ingredient you need  is the food you are drying, unlike store bought dried produce which has preservatives and chemicals added for coulour and shelf life.
  3. Quality Control. You choose the food you want to dehydrate. For best results use only the freshest ingredients. Older fruits/vegetables can be pureed to make delicious fruit leathers.
  4. Cost Savings. Homemade dehydrated foods are much cheaper than the ones purchased at the store. You can also take advantage of excellent prices when local produce is in season by buying in bulk (and it is local!).
  5. Dried foods typically take up about 1/6th of the space they use when fresh. This makes them easy to store and easy to carry.Dehydrated apple rings, peach slices, and grapes make easy, delicious and nutritious snacks to go!
    1. FD1010 - Gardenmaster Pro Deyhdrator

      Our "Top of the Line" unit! More powerful and larger than any other. Unit comes with four trays and can expand to a giant 30 trays so you can dry large quantities all at once! 1000 watts of drying power and a 2,400 RPM motor means you can dry more, faster. Patented Converga-Flow® fan forces heated air up the exterior pressurized chamber, then horizontally across each individual tray, converging in the center, for fast, even and nutritious drying. No flavor mixing! No need for tray rotation. Adjustable Thermostat from  95-155 degree F. Opaque Vita-Save® Exterior (blocks harmful light). Includes 46-page recipe and instruction book, 1 fruit roll sheet, 1 mesh sheet, and 1 packet jerky spice to make great tasting beef or venison jerky.

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    2. FD75 - Snackmaster Pro

      The Snackmaster® Pro In grey and marble colour features a top mounted fan, 600 watts of drying power, and generates maximum speed and quality for dehydrating fruits, vegetables, beef jerky, and venison jerky. The Snackmaster Pro comes with 5 trays (expandable to 12 ), an adjustable thermostat (95 -160F), 2 Clean-A-Screens, 2 Fruit Roll Sheets and 3 Original Jerky Spice packs. The opaque Vita-Save exterior helps block harmful light from destroying nutrients, while the Converga-Flow drying system ensures fast, even and nutritious drying with no flavour mixing and no need for tray rotation.
      Makes delicious Beef Jerky even turkey jerky, and fish jerky. Make trail mix, homemade yogurt, apple snacks, banana chips, dried soup mixes, dried tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, mangoes, papaya and other dried fruits at a fraction of the cost. Make dried herbs and spices; also make potpourri and dried flowers for any occasion.

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Jet Stream Ovens

      1. Jet Stream2 Oven

        The NESCO® JS-5000T is our newest Jet Stream2 Oven® that cooks with superior quality. It is up to 3 times faster than a conventional oven, up to 2 times faster than convection ovens and is as fast as a microwave oven but delivers superior taste and quality food. Unlike a microwave oven, the Jet Stream2 Oven® has a six in one cooking system with patented cyclonic system that makes it possible to roast, grill, broil, and air fry creating browned tender meats. It also steams, and bakes which produces tender vegetables and fluffy baked goods. The JS-5000T features a user friendly digital keypad to set fan speed, cooking time and cooking temperature and timer that is programmable up to 99 minutes with auto off. The jet stream2 oven offers a cooking temperature of 200° to 400° F.

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Vacuum Sealers

Here are just a few great reasons to own a vacuum sealer.

      1. Marinate & store meats ahead of time so they're ready for the grill when you are.
      2. Create home made frozen meals by cooking large batches and freezing.
      3. Save Money! Buy in bulk and vacuum seal into smaller portions.
      4. Vacuum seal for long term storage!
      1. NESCO VS-01

        Save time and money with our new NESCO® VS-01 Vacuum Sealer! Prepare whole meals in advance & save leftovers. Eliminate freezer burn, reduce spoilage and waste. Fully automatic, one touch operation, and automatic shut off makes this so easy to use. Seal only switch to prevent over vacuuming and crushing of food. 110 watt unit.

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      2. NESCO VS-02

        The NESCO® VS-02 vacuum sealer!  Fully automatic, one touch operation, and automatic shut off makes this so easy to use. Seal only switch to prevent over vacuuming and crushing of food. The VS-02 features extra seal time for thicker bags or wet items. The VS-02 also features a roll storage compartment with bag cutter. 110 watt unit.

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