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KitchenHELP Links
These links include our suppliers, who have a wealth of information, our community, and other sites of interest.
  Web Link
  Link   Kitchen Resource
Find more information about Bosch, Cloer, L'Equip and Bamix here. Including demo videos, product history and more!
  Link   St. Jacobs Farmers' Market
This is the location of our store. The market is a unique and lively place to shop.
  Link   Mumm's Sprouting Seeds
Mumm's Sprouting Seeds supply our entire line of organic sprouting seeds. Check here for sprouting advice for beginners and experts!
  Link   The Food Diva
This is the website of Maribel, the Food Diva, and a local to the Kitchener Waterloo area. She teaches public, private and corporate cooking lessons and does catering, event planning, nutritional & lifestyle consulting and promotional cookery demos.
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