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Introducing the CIA Professional Series by Vita-Mix. Now you can have the trusted brand and reliability that opens up culinary experiences rivaling those of a professional chef.

Whether it's blending a velvety peach smoothie, preparing a hot soup, pureeing a pesto sauce, creating fresh nut butters, or emulsifying a perfect dressing, this machine does it all and more.

Backed with a full 7-year warranty, the CIA Professional Series is built to withstand the toughest blending tasks time and time again. This versatile kitchen appliance outperforms every other - after all, it's not just a blender, it's a Vita-Mix.


Each Vita-Mix CIA Professional Series machine includes the following features:

 - Patented 64 oz container made of Eastman Tritan copolyester material that is virtually unbreakable and chemical resistant, and which contains no BPA.

 - Locking lid (with easy removal) and a removable lid plug allows ingredients to be added while processing.

Super efficient 2 peak hp motor.

 - Variable speed control allows for a wide range of food prep tasks. Puree, grind, chop or blend a variety of foods at precisely the right speed.

 - Laser-cut, one-piece stainless steel blade literally explode molecules of food and ice inside the container to ensure consistently smooth results.

 - Innovative design which creates a powerful vortex that forces ingredients up from the blade and back down the center to ensure all ingredients are properly processed.

 - Metal-to-metal (not rubber or plastic) container-to-base drive coupling for maximum durability and long life.

 - Spill proof lid vents allow hot or cold food to expand and contract.

 - Ergonomically designed soft touch handle for comfort and control in brushed aluminum faceplate.

 - Patented accelerator tool allows for processing thick, dense ingredients that would bring other appliances to a halt.

 - "Recipes from the Master Chefs" of the CIA recipe book Easel-design gourmet recipe book with over 300 recipes in an easy to follow, step by step format "Let's Get Started" instructional DVD with professional chef Michael Symon

 - 7-year warranty.

 - Made in the USA

The Vitamix is available in a Brushed Stainless or Onyx finish. Click here to order.